• Informatics Suite Product Overview for genomics research customer.

  • Use Case flow / breakdown

  • Informatics Suite design strategy required a thorough understanding of customer needs, workflow and underlying research methodology.

  • Researchers needed new ways to visualize and explore complex temporal datasets.

  • Researchers needed new ways to isolate and reveal novel patterns in a sea of data.

  • A clean design with familiar patterns and obvious affordances to help new users jump in quickly.

  • Lyft used a private-label version of Validated's Ride Pass product to issue Lyft credits instantly via SMS. This was a set of mockups of the proposed UI.

  • A flow chart intended to demonstrate potential revenue streams available to a licensee.

  • This flow shows the available UX options in Validated's Ride Pass product.

  • This schematic was designed to show the relationships between various components in Validated's server-side platform.

  • During implementation of the white label version of the Validated Rewards Platform, we needed to show the client where potential connections points could exist between their existing products and the Validated deployment.

  • This flow was provided to potential partners to show how a private label deployment of the Validated platform would work for users.

  • This flow shows how the onboarding experience for users in a Validated white label deployment.

  • This flow and wireframes demonstrates how a white labeled Validated deployment could work in a Casino oriented use case.

  • This set of mockups was intended to show how a Validated deployment could be integrated with a 3rd party taxi hailing app.

Wireframes & Flows

Product Design

For most of the projects I've been involved with, my responsibilities have included overall product design in addition to UX / UI design.  Flow charts and wireframes are essential tools to communicate ideas with team members and clients.  These are a sampling of some recent wireframes and flows.