HQs - Pilot Sizzle Presentation

Short Films

HQs - Created by Ian Lyman & Janina Gavankar

About the Show:

Whether it's a boutique game company building the next breakout megahit, a scientist probing the extremes of high energy physics or a 14 year old blogging to millions from his Mom’s basement, geeks are taking over the world, and HQs is your backstage pass!

Each week host Janina takes you inside the nerve centers, brain trusts, lairs and laboratories at the center of geek culture. We observe (and occaisonally prod and poke) important geek minds at work in their natural environment. We play with their toys, raid their fridges and sit them down for a cozy chat. If you’ve ever wondered what it actually takes to make the web sites, tv shows, game companies and science projects that you obsess about a reality, get ready for an up close view from the inside in full (and sometimes socially awkward) effect!

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