• An explainer video I created for Validated that shows the product in action.

  • I designed the identity and brand for Validated, including the logo, typography and color scheme.

  • The offer list was intended to provide a compelling, sleek format for users to discover participating business in their area.

  • Each participating business sets offers that reward users with mobility credits if they hit a spending target.

  • The success popup included humorous "validations" each time an offer was unlocked.

  • Users can select which mobility provider they want to redeem credits to.

  • Once credits are redeemed, they are either immediately applied to the selected service or a credit code is issued to the user via email, depending on the capabilities of the mobility service provider.

  • It was important to us that users could dive into the Validated app without being forced through a lengthy signup first. However, there was no way for them to earn or hold credits unless they completed signup.

  • Once a user completed signup, the credit store & redemption options unlocked.

Validated iOS

Product Design


As the CPO of Validated for 3 years, I designed many iterations of our mobile and web apps, from MVP on up.  This was the last version of our iOS app prior to the company switching to a mobile web based product.  As a product focused on retail and hospitality, the design needed to have an up-market look while also elevating the partner brands that featured in the app.  As a first-to-market product in the multi-modal mobility space, a primary challenge was to make the concept understandable and accessible to users that would be encountering it for the first time.