• The Offers List displays available mobility rewards offers and spending targets.

  • The redemption screen let users redeem rewards credits they'd earned to the mobility service provider of their choice.

  • The Validated Web App used a hybrid mobile web and SMS interface. Here, link received via SMS is used to launch user onboarding.

  • The Validated web app was intended to be easily re-branded for clients. Onboarding would begin with a simple landing page that was easy to re-skin according to clients' needs.

  • Another part of the re-skinnable onboarding sequence.

  • Another part of the re-skinnable user onboarding sequence.

Validated Web App

Product Design


Validated transitioned to a B2B model that would allow 3rd parties to white label the mobility rewards platform.  This necessitated a move away from native apps to a mobile-web solution that was lightweight and easily re-branded for clients.  The Validated web app used a hybrid model employing both mobile web pages and text messaging as part of the UX.